Monday, February 24, 2020

Ten Characters I Would Follow on Social Media

I'm linking up with That Artsy Reader Girl for another Top Ten Tuesday.

This is a fun topic this week! Which fictional characters would you want to follow on social media?

1. Abby Suso (from the Creekwood series)
Even though I probably relate to Leah the most, she's so introspective and insecure that it's hard to imagine her having a thriving social media account. Abby, though, is opinionated, funny, and smart, and she's willing to speak her mind even if she's still trying to find her own way in the world, which I think is a great combination for a thought-provoking social media feed.

2. April May (from An Absolutely Remarkable Thing)
Maybe this is cheating a little bit because we get to see some of April's actual Twitter feed in the book! Even though we know what she's showing on social media is a brand, only representing one aspect of her, what she does post is inspirational and encourages everyone to have hope and to love their neighbors (plus, whose social media isn't curated?).

3. Blue Sargent (from the Raven Cycle series)
Blue is witness to a lot of supernatural weirdness, but she herself manages to stay pretty grounded. That blend of a mature worldview with stories about things so strange they're hard to believe reminds me of what I like so much about Ask a Manager!

4. Cassandra Mortmain (from I Capture the Castle)
Cassandra may be hesitant to make bold moves in her own life, but she is an excellent observer of those around her and has quite a way with words, so she would be sure to share fascinating stories well told.

5. Dimple Shah (from When Dimple Met Rishi)
I'd love to follow Dimple to see what her experience post-high school is like. How does she navigate being a woman of color in web development at Stanford? What is her career after college? She's thoughtful, self-reflective, and driven, and it would be great to hear her thoughts!

6. Hermione Granger (from the Harry Potter series)
I imagine Hermione sharing the kinds of thought-provoking, challenging articles that the people I learn the most from on social media often share. She would also do extensive research on any current event or political issue and present the most thorough, nuanced takes on it. Sign me up!

7. Ifemelu (from Americanah)
I was kind of meh about Ifemelu's personal relationships in this book, but I loved her blog posts! I'd be content to just hear more of her insights on life in America — and life in Nigeria — without all the ups and downs of her love life.

8. Rosemary Cooke (from We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves)
Rosemary has a lot of interesting thoughts about memory, family, and life in general. She also has some unusual stories from her own life! She'd be a great one to follow.

9. Starr Carter (from The Hate U Give)
This book is all about Starr finding her voice and using it to bring attention to what matters, particularly on matters of racial justice. I'm sure I'd learn a lot from following her!

10. Valancy Stirling (from The Blue Castle)
Valancy stops censoring herself and learns to live life on her own terms. Her social media account would undoubtedly include beautiful nature photos and reminders to enjoy the little things that bring you pleasure and not let anyone else tell you how to live your life.

Whose social media would you like to follow?

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