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My Ten Most Popular Goodreads Reviews

I'm linking up with That Artsy Reader Girl for another Top Ten Tuesday.

This week it's a freebie! I use Goodreads to review all the books I read, and often when I finish a book I will look through other readers' reviews to find those who felt the same way I did about the book. I love when someone can put my own feelings about a book into words! For this week's freebie post, I decided to share which of my own reviews have received the most likes. It's always affirming when someone likes one of my reviews, particularly if my opinion was different from a lot of other readers. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who felt that way about a book and especially to know that my words resonated with someone else.

Here are the reviews, from fewest to most likes.

1. Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (4 likes)
Sample line: "The book is aimed at an American audience, and he includes just enough context that you can understand what's happening (like why no one blinked at a guy in his neighborhood being named Hitler) without bogging down the story in a history lesson."
5 stars: Read the whole review here.

2. The Science of Mom by Alice Callahan (4 likes)
Sample line: "She does a great job of continually reminding the reader that different families do different things with just as much success, and that no research studies will ever be perfectly crafted to prescribe exactly what your child needs."
4 stars: Read the whole review here.

3. Small Animals by Kim Brooks (4 likes)
Sample line: "Brooks doesn't exactly leave the reader with hope (you can't really say, 'Forget what other people think!' when you may face criminal charges or even lose your children for giving them more independence than someone else thinks you should) but she does offer commiseration and reassurance that yes, this really is as bananas as it seems."
5 stars: Read the whole review here.

4. Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson (5 likes)
Sample line: "I had to keep putting the book down because it was sickening to see just how flimsy the evidence could be that put someone on death row, just how blatant the discrimination, just how willfully ignorant the people in power could be of the mounds of evidence pointing to someone's innocence."
5 stars: Read the whole review here.

5. When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon (6 likes)
Sample line: "Their emotions at every moment rang true to me — they felt like the college freshmen I live and work with and remember being."
5 stars: Read the whole review here.

6. Emotional Vampires by Albert J. Bernstein (7 likes)
Sample line: "Even when it's possible to recognize people you know in the profiles he sketches (and you will), you'll probably find yourself saying every time, 'Well, they're not that extreme.'"
2 stars: Read the whole review here.

7. Accidental Saints by Nadia Bolz-Weber (7 likes)
Sample line: "Her raw honesty, complete with appropriately placed curse words, is like balm on the soul of a Christian who wants to follow Jesus' example but can't figure out how to apply typical Christian platitudes to real life."
5 stars: Read the whole review here.

8. Love Does by Bob Goff (9 likes)
Sample line: "I kept thinking that this book would be better subtitled Love Does: A Story of Wealth and White Male Privilege."
1 star: Read the whole review here.

9. Spark Joy by Marie Kondo (13 likes)
Sample line: "The stories from the first book were what inspired me to actually undertake the full process in the first place; this book is more nitty-gritty for those who get stuck or, like me, just want to organize what they have left a little more neatly."
5 stars: Read the whole review here.

10. This Star Won't Go Out by Esther Earl (25 likes)
Sample line: "I wish someone had not been content to let this ride on the coattails of John Green / The Fault in Our Stars but had instead used it as source material to write a compelling true story about a girl with cancer who brought joy to the people around her, one that people who didn't know Esther would actually read and appreciate."
1 star: Read the whole review here.

Do you review books on Goodreads?

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