Friday, June 29, 2018

Best of the Bunch: June 2018

Today I'm sharing the best book I read in June.

Of the 8 books I read this month, I had two 5-star reads:

Castle of Wizardry by David Eddings

Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again by Rachel Held Evans

Once again, the first one's rating is inflated by personal nostalgia, so I'm giving the best of the bunch to...

Getting something out of the Bible doesn't require someone translating it into "plain English" or offering commentary tinged with personal bias explaining what it all really means. In this book, Rachel Held Evans points out larger themes that recur throughout the Bible and why, historically, they were such frequent concerns of the Bible's authors, so you have enough context to spot these motifs as you read and also see how they might connect to your own life. I have read all of Evans' books to date, and this is definitely her best, most mature writing to date. The book is well organized, her ideas are well expressed, and she refrains from oversimplifying. If you're looking for a middle ground between trying to silence your discomfort with certain parts of Scripture and deciding to mentally devalue the entire thing, this is a challenging, fascinating, beautiful journey through reading the Bible with new eyes.

What is the best book you read this month? Let me know in comments, or write your own post and link up below!

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Looking back:
One year ago I was reading: In the Woods and Vanity Fair
Five years ago I was reading: The Casual Vacancy, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, and Thinking, Fast and Slow
Ten years ago I was reading: Girl with a Pearl Earring

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