Monday, April 25, 2016

Top Ten Bookworm Delights

I'm linking up with The Broke and the Bookish for another Top Ten Tuesday.

This week's topic is about book-related experiences in our life that make us happy. Here are ten of mine!

I'm in two book clubs. I used to be in four book clubs but two of them stopped meeting. I have to prevent myself from joining more book clubs because I will never have time to read what I want to read otherwise. But I love talking about books so much! Unless you read a super-popular book, it can be hard to find other people who've read the same book you just finished and want to talk about it.

2. Being asked for book recommendations
I love giving people recommendations. I prefer when they have a specific genre in mind, because otherwise I end up going, "Here are 15 of my favorite books!" because hey, I don't know which ones they've read before or what they're going to be in the mood for! Being the go-to person among my friends for recommending good books makes me super happy. More than one person has told me that books I recommend always go to the top of their to-read list!

3. People following up later about books I recommended
Even more than recommending books, I love when people already read the books I recommend and then tell me what they thought! It's nice to have that follow-up anyway, and then we can actually discuss the book (which is my favorite — see #1). Even if they didn't like it as much as I thought they would, talking about it lets me know how to better recommend books to them in the future.

4. Getting a personal book recommendation that is actually spot-on
I read a lot, and so I know that the range of books that other people love and want to recommend can fall anywhere from true love to utter hatred for me. People have such different tastes that I can be skeptical about getting recommendations from someone who doesn't know my reading style that well and just thinks I'll like what they like. That's why it's such a joy when someone personally recommends a book to me and it turns out to be one that I love!

5. Finding someone who shared my feelings (love or hate) about a book
When I finish a book that I have strong feelings about, I need the validation of knowing that I'm not the only one who feels that way. Goodreads is great for getting that validation, but even better is finding someone in person who's read the book I'm talking about and knows exactly what I mean about it.

6. Finding someone who likes the same lesser-known author I do
Do you know how excited I was the first time I found someone else who not only knew who David Eddings was but was a fan of his books? As much as I love introducing people to a great author they've never heard of, it's even better when I find someone who already shares my love for that author's work.

7. Getting my library to buy a digital copy of a book I want to read
Reading in digital formats has caused me to read way more than I did before, and I'm more likely to start a book if I can download it. When I discovered that OverDrive has a feature that allows you to recommend which books your library should have in its digital collection, it was basically life-changing. They don't buy every book I recommend (obviously), but they've bought almost 90 different books because I recommended them, which is amazing!

8. Finishing a book in the nick of time
I squeeze a lot of reading in around the rest of my life, but it's so frustrating when I only have a few pages left in a book and I have to stop reading. On the flip side, it's satisfying when I have only a few more minutes and then find myself on the last page of the book — then I can leave the world of the book behind and focus on what's next in my day without wondering about how everything ends.

9. Reading every book on a list of recommendations
It was fun to finally check off the last book on the list of classics I'd had since middle school. I haven't found another list on Goodreads or List Challenges where I've read every book, but on many the only ones missing are on my to-read list, so I'll get there eventually!

10. Fan art about reading or favorite books
Sometimes you just have to share your love of reading with the world. Some of the things on my birthday list for this year are this custom ideal bookshelf print (assuming I can confidently settle on the list of books), this Borges quote T-shirt, this "I Heart Books" T-shirt, and this Dillard quote poster. So fun!

What delights you as a bookworm?

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