Monday, October 18, 2021

Ten Online Resources for Book Lovers

I'm linking up with That Artsy Reader Girl for another Top Ten Tuesday.

This week's topic ought to be useful for all of us! We're sharing websites, podcasts, apps, and other online resources that our fellow book lovers may find useful. Most of these are ones I've talked about before, but here they all are together!

1. Book Series in Order
This site has been super helpful in my quest to read all of Agatha's Christie's books, since I like to read each sleuth's books in order of publication. It's also come in handy for series I read with my son, so I know the next book to request from the library!

2. For Real podcast
This is a biweekly podcast focused on nonfiction reads. Each week the hosts profile some of the most interesting new releases, then dive into a specific topic with related recommendations. My TBR gets longer every single time I listen to this one!

3. Get Booked podcast
I love the broad range of books that get discussed on this show! Listeners write in with requests for specific recommendations (e.g., books set in a specific small country, books that will teach them more about a specific historical event, books that are readalikes for their favorites) and then the two hosts each recommend a book they think would fit the request. If they're stumped, they'll ask their colleagues at Book Riot for suggestions, so it's not always limited to just what the hosts have personally had the chance to read.

4. Goodreads
Obviously I love Goodreads for tracking my own reading and sharing my ratings and reviews, but it's also a great source of book recommendations. I like finding new people to follow who have similar literary tastes, and I've filtered my home feed to only show updates that include reviews, so I don't have the frustration of wondering, "But why did you give it 3 stars?" I also like looking through the lists to find books that are highly rated or very popular that I haven't read or books that fit a particular category I want to know more about.

5. Kindle app
I like reading on my Kindle Voyage, but it stays on my nightstand unless I'm going on vacation. With the app, I can read my current book wherever I am, and it syncs to the spot where I left off on another device. I am definitely one of those people who will get five minutes of reading in while waiting in line at the grocery store.

6. My TBR
I got a Recommendations subscription for Christmas last year, and it's been so fun to have a "bibliologist" picking out three books specifically for me and my reading preferences once a quarter. I can provide feedback on the recommendations and choose how far outside my comfort zone I want to go. For the most part, they've found ones I hadn't heard of but enjoyed reading!

7. OverDrive
OverDrive is the primary reason I'm able to read so many books in a year. Anytime I finish a book, I can immediately send a new one to my Kindle or download a new audiobook for my phone. No waiting! And the wish list feature keeps track of the books I want to read, so I can filter by books on my wish list that are available immediately for download. It's amazing.

8. Overdue podcast
This isn't one I subscribe to, but when I finish a book I enjoy listening to an episode about it if there is one in the extensive archives. One host will read the book and then attempt to summarize the plot to the other one, who will ask clarifying questions that generally make the book's plot sound nonsensical and hilarious when it's picked apart like that. The one who didn't read the book will do background research on the author, which can be quite interesting to hear.

9. PaperBackSwap
When I can't find a book at the library, or when I love a book and decide I want to own a hard copy, it goes on my PaperBackSwap wish list. When I'm next in line and someone posts a used copy, then I can use one of my credits to have it shipped to me! The books are almost always in good condition, and all I have to do to get another credit is pay Media Mail rates to have one of my old books sent to someone. It's only like $20 a year for a membership, which is totally worth it!

10. What Should I Read Next? podcast
Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy (a great resource unto itself!) uses the clear structure of "Tell me three books you love, one book you don't, and what you're reading now" to recommend to her guest three (or more) books she thinks they'd like. The format is helpful for letting me know whether I'd also like the books she's recommending or if the guest has different taste than me. She's also great at interviewing the guests to draw out the interesting details of their lives or work.

What resources do you recommend?

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